5 ways to make the algorithm work for you

Instagram's algorithm is considered by users to be enemy number one. In this article, we'll show you five ways to befriend the algorithm so that it works to your advantage. 

5 ways to make the Instagram algorithm work for you

5 Ways to make the Instagram algorithm work for you!

Instagram's algorithm is considered by users as the number one enemy. It is often blamed for its low reach, lack of new followers, etc. However, it's what really gives us the chance to stand out and grow our account to the highest level.

Posts on the homepage no longer appear solely based on the date of publication, but are positioned based on six factors: interest, date of publication, interaction, frequency and duration of use of the application and number of accounts followed. You can find detailed information about this here: How does Instagram's algorithm work?

In this article, we'll show you five ways to befriend the algorithm so that it works to your advantage. 

Use the latest features

Anything new is more easily positioned by Instagram. First there was InstaStory, then IGTV, and now Instagram Reels (which is the answer to rival app TikTok).

By creating Reels on Instagram, we are more likely to appear in the "search" tab and be featured on our followers' news feed. The "search" tab is where Instagram users are presented with posts that may be of interest to them (and that are individually selected, given the user's past preferences).

So try to use this feature and post content using real Instagrams. These will also appear on your profile under a special icon (note that it is placed in the second position, instead of IGTV - this should give you something to think about!).

How do you publish real Instagrams and what options are available for creation? You'll find out more soon on our site or in our newsletter (hint: training).

Vary the form of your messages

Instagram offers five ways to publish your posts:

  • In photos
  • In video format (up to one minute)
  • In boomerang
  • In photo album
  • Or in real life (viewing a video of more than one minute)

FALSE AND TRUE: It is not true that videos have an advantage over photos and are better positioned. It simply depends on the Instagram user's preferences. However, video content is the format that Instagram users like the most.

If he spends more time browsing photos and skipping videos, Instagram users will be shown photos much more often. And vice versa! So by playing with different forms, we have the opportunity to reach more followers. When developing a marketing strategy, keep this in mind and diversify the content published on your profile.

Days and hours of publication

Our clients often ask us what days and times they should publish articles to generate the most interest. Our answer is always the same: it depends on you, your account, your activity, your target, etc.

The best method here is trial and error, but also the proverbial logical approach.

If we want to reach people over 25, the messages should appear during the hours when most of them are not working. They also shouldn't appear on Fridays after 6 p.m. - people are getting ready to go out on the town or take a walk to relax and clear their heads. Think about your customers (that's always, always, always the key).

 However, it is best to check for yourself what times and days to post content on your profile. Take advantage of the statistics that are available for each business account. You can sort the posts according to the number of "likes" and the best audience. This will help you draw conclusions and know which content is most appealing to your followers. 

After a while, everyone will discover the best time. But the most important thing is regularity. Posts should be published at least twice a week.

The involvement

Publishing is one thing, interacting with your audience is another (and perhaps even more important). If you receive a comment under your post, respond immediately - not with an emoticon, but with a longer response. This makes your followers feel important and more likely to comment on future posts. Check your inbox regularly and respond to messages. 

The more users interact, the better. Use question stickers, polls on Instastory and share the results and answers. If someone tags you on their Instastory, be sure to share it on your account. People love to see their story on the accounts they follow. It's great publicity.

As we mentioned, the more traffic your followers generate on your profile, the more likely you are to succeed. This is also facilitated by our solutions, thanks to which we attract new followers to your profile(we target between 3000 and 300,000 targeted and real profiles per month depending on the offers). To learn more about our services, click here or make an appointment (link below this article) with one of our Instagram experts to see together, how we can help you boost your account, and find new customers.

The hashtags

Many people don't want to use hashtags. They see them as unnecessary, or their brand is good enough to use them. This is a shame. Hashtags are how you can reach new people, creating traffic to your profile. Imagine if a post reached 20,000 more users. That's the kind of reach that well-chosen hashtags can give you.

In addition, studies show that posts with hashtags reach many more people than those without. You can also create branded hashtags to become more identifiable to your followers and have them use them to promote your brand. They will also be able to find your products or services more easily. 

By following popular hashtags, you can find out what's trending or use them to show your support for important issues, like the recent #stayathome or other important topics. As you can see, the power of hashtags is enormous and it's a huge faux pas not to use that potential. 

You see, the algorithm doesn't have to be our enemy. We just need to know how to use it to our advantage. You can already act in harmony with it to optimize your account and reach your goals.

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