4 mistakes that make your Instagram account not move!

Have you ever wondered why, despite regularly published posts, despite a hundred hashtags under your photos, your follower growth and engagement is low? If so, this article has been prepared just for you!

4 mistakes that make your Instagram account not move!

Every day, thousands of new users sign up for Instagram. The competition is huge, so it takes a lot of effort today to break through. Many people go to great lengths to grow their brand, and the lack of new followers can really drive you crazy.

Have you ever wondered why, despite regularly published posts, despite a hundred hashtags under your photos, your follower growth and engagement is low? If so, this article has been prepared just for you!

Here are 4 mistakes that make your account on Instagram not move.


Many people who create an account on Instagram think that publishing one or two posts a week is enough and that success will come on its own. Wrong!

Instagram itself has repeatedly emphasized that posts should appear at least twice a week, and no more than seven (so no more than one post a day). It is thanks to this regularity that you can attest to a good development of your profile, regardless of the content.

Then, if you post regularly, don't forget to include interesting descriptions to encourage your followers to comment.

Be sure to reply to every comment, but don't just use an emoticon or "thank you" for a compliment. Try to create at least one sentence and you'll notice that your followers will comment more often. 

As for comments -> here we recommend that you interact with people who are followd to topics in your business areas, for example people who are followd to your competitors. Why? Because then you have a chance to get those valuable targeted and real followers. The most popular comments appear at the top of the list, so create interesting replies and get new followers for your profile!

This is exactly how our service works. Through our Boost Pack method, we can attract targeted, real followers (they can be your competitors' followers, for example), who will notice our profile and follow to your account. There are no fake accounts, these are real Instagram users.

If you would like to know more, feel free to schedule a free consultation with our specialist(click here) or write to us by clicking on our chatbot at the bottom right.


Imagine that, thanks to well-chosen hashtags, your message reaches 10,000 more people and some of them will leave a "like", a comment or follow your profile. Is this an interesting option for you? I think it is.

Hashtags are now one of the most powerful growth levers on the platform.

But how to choose the right hashtags, how to find the ones that will be the most relevant and the most effective for your publications? In today's article, we will look at 3 tools you can use to find the best hashtags.

1 - Allhashtag
This site is a hashtag generator tool. It has been developing for a few years and new features are added regularly. It now allows you to generate, create, analyze and search the main hashtags.

2 - Marketing Hub Hashtag generator
The interest of this tool lies in the fact that you can generate a selection of relevant hashtags from a photo you upload on the platform. The process is quite intuitive.

3 - Hashtag Inspector
Hashtag Inspector is a free application available on Android and iOS. It allows you to select the most popular hahstags related to your keyword.


Many people we interact with complain about the lack of engagement under posts, despite regularity and good tags. However, it's important to think about the posts you make. Not on the description, not on the hashtags, but on the photo itself.

People on Instagram scroll through their news feed, seeing a lot of posts. They will stop their gaze on something that really stands out. We've noticed that many people, when looking to create a professional account, post very "basic" posts.

If you spend more time on the photo itself to attract followers, believe me, it will work quickly. Photos should be crisp and clear, meaning they should be of very good quality. Whether you post a photo of your office, a product, a tattoo, try to make the photos really interesting. 


Before getting started on Instagram, it's best to create a strategy ahead of time, make a plan and create a posting schedule.

Prepare the posts or their themes that you will publish beforehand. After all, there's nothing worse than not having any ideas for content.

Where to look for inspiration? Definitely on Pinterest or on Instagram directly! Pinterest is a website where you can find literally everything: find out how to take a photo of a product, how to play with colors, it doesn't take much to create a great post. 

Getting back to strategy, many of our clients struggle with consistency, ideas and time before they start working with us. That's why we suggest working on a post schedule, and we can help. There's nothing worse than a photo that doesn't please even half of your followers. Not just because of likes, but because of Instagram's algorithms, which constantly monitor our every move. 

After reading this article, don't forget to analyze your profile.

Take note of what you can improve and follow our advice. Also remember that when you purchase one of the packages we offer, we check your profile for you.

We give you ideas and tips on how to improve your account on Instagram so that it becomes more and more professional with every post. 

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