How does Instagram's algorithm work?

How does Instagram's algorithm work? What exactly is it and on what basis does it collect all this data? We spent a lot of time gathering the most important information on this topic.

How does Instagram's algorithm work?

How does Instagram's algorithm work?

One of the most frequently asked questions from our customers:

How does the Instagram algorithm work? What exactly is it and on what basis does it collect all this data? We spent a lot of time gathering the most important information on this topic.

We've drawn from many sources, but mostly from our own experience and that of our clients, with whom we constantly exchange. After more than six years in business, we know one thing: it doesn't matter if you run a marketing agency or a fashion brand: the algorithm doesn't divide accounts into best and worst, but counts the shares.

How do we work on Instagram to make the algorithm work in our favor?

As soon as the world learned about the introduction of the new Instagram algorithm, it was a shake-up (as with every update by the way). The chronological presentation of posts on the news feed is a thing of the past.

This is because the algorithm ensures that Instagram users are presented with content that interests them. This is what gives you the opportunity to gain new followers, regardless of the type of content you're posting.

On Instagram's homepage, but also in the Explore tab, users see posts and accounts they have already interacted with, or feature profiles with similar subject matter.

A while back, Instagram made a revelation.

6 factors that determine what appears on our news feed

Our areas of interest 

Instagram's algorithm constantly tracks our traffic as we use the app. They record the posts we are most interested in, the profiles we interact with the most. It is based on this that Instagram will present content on our news feed.

If you follow cooking, fashion, and personal development accounts, and you're much more likely to respond to and check them out, you'll see their posts (and those of their competitors) as often as possible. This is because Instagram wants to make the content most interesting to you and encourage you to use the app more often.

Why? Simply because the more time you spend on the app, the more opportunities Instagram has to showcase advertising.

Date of publication

Obviously, the more recent the post, the more likely Instagram will position it high on the news feed. Interestingly, if you look at Instagram at noon and then at 9pm, it will only show you posts that have been published since you left the app. The risk of duplicate content is really minimal. 


Instagram doesn't want you to miss out on new posts from family members, friends, or your favorite brand. That's why it focuses on showing you content from the accounts you interact with most often. And it's not just about messaging each other, but also about liking photos, commenting, contributing to polls and more. Everything is taken into account.

Instagram also pays a lot of attention to your searches. If you search for the same profile often, then Instagram will show their posts in your news feed. 

Frequency of use of the application

If a user browses Instagram once a day, the algorithm should reorder only the posts that are most interesting to them. Here, it will pay attention to the elements presented above: interaction, date of publication and interest.

If a user browses Instagram multiple times a day, the algorithm has more time to present content and will then focus on the most recent content and then on content that has not yet been presented to them.


Time of use of the application

The content presented to a user also depends on the amount of time they spend on Instagram.

If it prefers short visits, the algorithm will only focus on presenting the content it has a 99% chance of finding most interesting.

However, if they use Instagram longer, the algorithm can present them with a much larger catalog of new posts, intermingling content. 

Number of accounts observed

The more profiles you see, the harder it is for the algorithm to present you with interesting content. If you visit thousands of profiles, Instagram will only show you the ones that have interested you the most in the past. So, the fewer accounts you look at, the greater the chances of seeing content that is 100% interesting to you. 

If you create content that is fresh, interesting and encourages interaction, you can be sure that the algorithm will favor you. The more people search for your profile, look at it, like your photo, watch you - the faster your account will be successful.

We can help you do that.

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