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Photographer in Reunion Island, I was a bit hesitant to take the plunge at first but the team listened to me and reassured me. I was able to acquire new customers thanks to their solution by gaining 1000 followers per month. Do not hesitate and take the plunge with OVB!

"Targeted and real results"

As a sports coach, physical and mental trainer, I was hesitant at the beginning, because I was rather doubtful about what this solution could bring me. After a month of testing where I saw targeted and real results, I decided to commit myself on the long term with the OVB team. They are real professionals with a regular follow-up of your performances and an irreproachable quality of service.

"The targeting is excellent."

We use the solution on behalf of our client, a major player in the sale of sports equipment on the Internet. Beyond the support and the number of followers gained, what is interesting is that our acquisition went from $1 per follower by doing sponsored advertising, to $0,30 thanks to OVB.

"Saving time and energy"

I am delighted with the very personalized service of the agency. I have the possibility to have a quality interlocutor for each of my requests and an explanation to the questions I ask myself each time. It's a tool that allows me to remove a certain mental burden when it comes to the animation of the Instagram network. I highly recommend it to entrepreneurs who have to manage all the animation of their Instagram account alone.

"I'm gaining a lot of new customers"


Shopping and retailing

With OVB, in eight months I was able to considerably develop my Instagram network, gaining many targeted customers who are interested in my page, my products and services. Even if I hesitated for a long time to take the plunge, because it represented a definite budget for my small store at the beginning, I have in less than a year largely compensated for this investment and I am delighted to have dared. Thank you to the team which is very professional, pleasant and available.

"I have increased my visibility"

I am very happy to work for more than a year with the OVB agency which brought me a lot. I am a model and Instagram is a real tool for my work. By following their solution I managed to pass the 10K followers mark (I was at 1400 followers when I started with them) which was a real goal for me, I gained visibility, new contacts and opportunity. I continue to work with them today, so don't hesitate to take the plunge, you won't be disappointed.

"I recommend 100%"

Being alone in managing my lingerie brand, I didn't have the time to develop my Instagram community (which represents 90% of my clientele). Thanks to OVB agency, I don't have to worry about it anymore and I have a huge weight off my shoulders. In addition the team members are always listening and caring, I immediately felt confident with them. I recommend them 100% to gain visibility and reach new customers through qualified followers.

"Human and professional"

With many tempting offers for Instagram, I found the approach of the OVB Agency very human and professional, to the slightest question they answered present. I am delighted to work with them, do not hesitate to launch on a month to test.

"Extremely satisfied."

As we are often asked to develop our Instagram, we were intrigued by the precise targeting that the solution offered. OVB's professionalism and availability also made the difference. Extremely satisfied, we have just extended our collaboration for another year.